Marshfield Youth Hockey is the youth hockey program of Marshfield and Cohasset. We, as a program, strive to instill a love for the game of hockey in our players AND a strong sense of community in our parents and families. If a child wants to play hockey

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Skills Update
Dear MYH Families, With the state's announcement to get rid...
2020/2021 MYH Reverse Raffle Fundraiser
Marshfield Youth Hockey’s 7th Annual $10K Reverse Raffle Saturday...
Massachusetts Hockey COVID-19 Policy
Mass Hockey has released their updated COVID-19 policy.
MYH 2020/2021 Skills Schedule
Dear MYH Families,    As we embark on our new season...
Marshfield Youth Hockey Concussion Policy
 Any child who exhibits signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with...
Skills Update

Dear MYH Families,

With the state's announcement to get rid of the 9:30pm curfew, we will be going back to the skills schedule that we had used earlier this season. We will still need to follow the rotation that we have been using with teams having one week off and three weeks on. See the schedule below for times and team rotation. If something changes, we will communicate alterations to this schedule as soon as possible.

Group 1: 5:30PM

Group 2: 6:15PM

Group 3: 7:00PM

Please pay attention to the rotation and make sure your child only attends when their team is scheduled to do so. 

Below is the updated schedule.

Thank you. 

Jan-Mar Assignments
  Team #   Skills Date Assigned Teams
5:30PM Skills        
Squirt B 1   1/25/2021 Teams 4,1,2
Mite B2 2   2/1/2021 Teams 1,2,3
Mite C 3   2/8/2021 Teams 2,3,4
PeeWee C 4   2/15/2021 Teams 3,4,1
      2/22/2021 Teams 4,1,2
6:15PM Skills     3/1/2021 Teams 1,2,3
Squirt A 1   3/8/2021 Teams 2,3,4
Mite A 2   3/15/2021 Teams 3,4,1
Mite B 3   3/22/2021 Teams 4,1,2
Squirt C 4   3/29/2021 Teams 1,2,3
7:00PM Skills        
Bantam A 1      
Bantam B 2      
Pee Wee A 3      
Pee Wee B 4      

by posted 01/22/2021
2020/2021 MYH Reverse Raffle Fundraiser

Marshfield Youth Hockey’s 7th Annual $10K Reverse Raffle

Saturday January 30th

Due to Covid restrictions this year our event will be held entirely remote

Grand Prize $10K

Additional prizes include


David Pastrnak game jersey

MYH hockey tuition for the 2021/2022 season


Tickets may be purchased online for $100.00

Please remember to indicate “Split or No Split” when purchasing your tickets.


Please click on one of the following links to purchase tickets  


PayPal, Credit Cards, Apple & Google Pay


Note: for those that prefer to pay by check please contact or


Marshfield Youth Hockey is a non-profit 501(c)(3)

U.S. Tax ID/EIN: 043457051




by posted 01/04/2021
Massachusetts Hockey COVID-19 Policy

Mass Hockey has released their updated COVID-19 policy.

by posted 10/07/2020
MYH 2020/2021 Skills Schedule

Dear MYH Families, 


As we embark on our new season and more specifically our Monday night Skills offering, we wanted to share some information with you. 


Due to the COVID 19 restrictions and Board of Health policies we will have to change the way the groups for skills will work. 


The hours are still the same 5:30PM, 6:15PM and 7:00PM but we will need to limit the skaters on the ice for each session and rotate teams on a week-to-week basis.  


As a BOD, we are not happy that we have to do this, but at this time there is no better solution. Please see the chart below for the hour assignments. The assignments were made based on the number of kids we could put on the ice together and also not wanting the younger kids in the 7pm hour. Each 40-minute session has 4 teams assigned to it. Those 4 teams will then rotate based on their assigned number. During week 1 of skills, teams assigned with #1, #2 and #3 will be having skills and team #4 will have the week off. After that you see below how the weeks fall. This means that every team is 3 weeks on for skills then 1 week off as the season progresses. 





Sept-Dec Assignments



Team #


Skills Date

Assigned Teams


5:30PM Skills






Squirt B




Teams 1,2,3


Mite B2




Teams 2,3,4


Mite C




Teams 3,4,1


PeeWee C




Teams 4,1,2






Teams 1,2,3


6:15PM Skills




Teams 2,3,4


Squirt A




Teams 3,4,1


Mite A




Teams 4,1,2


Mite B




Teams 1,2,3


Squirt C




Teams 2,3,4






Teams 3,4,1


7:00PM Skills




Teams 4,1,2


Bantam A




Teams 1,2,3


Bantam B




Teams 2,3,4


Pee Wee A




Teams 3,4,1


Pee Wee B




Teams 4,1,2


PLEASE NOTE: Your child should ONLY attend his/her teams assigned hours and only when they are scheduled to have skills.  


This schedule is subject to change as the season moves forward and any changes related to COVID 19 guidelines or restrictions. Any changes will be communicated as soon as possible. 


Thank you. 

by posted 09/13/2020
Marshfield Youth Hockey Concussion Policy

 Any child who exhibits signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion (such as loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, confusion, or balance problems) shall be immediately removed from the practice or competition and must not return to practice or competition that day. Upon diagnosis of a concussion, the child shall not return to play games or practice until cleared in writing to the MYH Athletic Director by an appropriate health-care professional.

by Marshfield Youth Hockey posted 03/01/2015
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