Marshfield Youth Hockey is the youth hockey program of Marshfield and Cohasset. We, as a program, strive to instill a love for the game of hockey in our players AND a strong sense of community in our parents and families. If a child wants to play hockey

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Coastal Stars Youth Hockey is a member of District 4 of the Massachusetts Amateur Hockey Association (MassHockey) and USA Hockey, the national governing body of amateur hockey in the United States.

  • MassHockey. District 4 of MassHockey is operated by a District Director, elected by representatives of each constituent association, an executive committee, and a Board of Directors (representatives) from each community.

    MassHockey is an affiliate association of USA Hockey to govern and administer amateur hockey in this territory in accordance with USA Hockey regulations. MassHockey is operated and governed by a Board of Directors elected by the various Districts within Massachusetts or appointed by the executive committee.


  • USA Hockey. USA Hockey is operated and governed by a Board of Directors from 11 geographical districts across the country. Massachusetts constitutes District 4 of USA Hockey. 

    It shall be the policy of Coastal Stars Youth Hockey to abide by the rules and regulations of both USA Hockey and Mass Hockey and to participate fully in the administration of both organizations.


All Players Must be Registered with USA Hockey.

Please make sure your children are registered by logging into your Coastal Stars account.

Click on “Edit My Account”, then on your child’s name.

Scroll down to “USAH Confirmation. #’ and click on “Confirmation lookup”. You will be taken to a lookup form on the USA hockey website.

Tip: If the 4th digit is a 8 then you have a 2017-2018 USA Hockey ID and are all clear. If still unsure, click on “Confirmation Lookup”

After registering, you will receive a Confirmation # from USA Hockey.  Please enter it into your child’s profile on our site and save.


All players must have a valid USA hockey registration before being allowed to step on the ice.


Connect with USA Hockey